party entertainment

Why Magic?

As a party magician, the magic is a way to celebrate the occasion, bring the group together, and create lasting memories. When magic happens, it becomes personal since everyone knows the person whose mind is read or whose pocket playing cards appear in. While Boyce’s work is mainly geared towards party entertainment for adults, families can get in on the fun too. Magic is an opportunity for conversations and people love watching their friends and family participate in the show.


What Else?

Outside of house parties, Boyce has appeared as a magician for hire at many weddings and mitzvahs as the party entertainment that everyone can’t stop talking about. 

Every private party is different, but typically when Boyce is brought in as the party entertainment the evening goes something like this.

As guests arrive and mingle with each other, Boyce introduce new friends to each other, and performs amazing magic up close. Conversation follows and they all get to know each other. After dinner or a speech from the guest of honor, everyone gathers in a room around a dining table, leans in close, and magic begins to happen. The boundaries of what’s possible are pushed to the edge and everyone gets to participate, up close and personal. What at first seems to be simply a demonstration of sleight of hand begins to morph and transform until everyone is whisked away with a magical performance. Boyce eschews any special magic props or tricky decks. Instead, all of the show takes places with common objects, some of which can be borrowed from the guests or host.

Magicians for Party