“Alexander Boyce turns any occasion into a magical experience!”

-Steve Forbes

He was so great, everyone loved him! Alexander was incredibly engaging and truly mingled with everyone. So professional and attentive! I also appreciated his flexibility in terms of event “flow”. They were still talking about the magic the next morning!
— Ludovica Amato /Marketing Coordinator / Hugo Boss

Businesses like NASDAQ and Dick’s Sporting Goods have called upon Alexander Boyce time and time again as corporate event entertainment knowing he’ll surprise and astonish even those who’ve ‘seen it all.’ Coins change places in the audience’s own hand, money disappears (and reappears!), playing cards fly into the air and are caught at the tips of the fingers and sometimes, maybe, the future seems to be oh so predictable. 

Boyce has revamped everything from sales meetings, award dinners, conferences, and product launches into memorable and breathtaking experience where everyone gets in on the action.  

Alexander has been a delightful addition to our annual Draw Party for the DICK’S Sporting Goods Open over the past seven years. The Pro-Am participants love him and so do we! He entertains with our guests in a professional and charming manner. Alexander leaves everyone with an astonished smile on their face.
— Sarah Hutchings, Dick’s Sporting Goods Open Tournament Manager

What separates him as a magician for hire is an ability to connect with any audience, not just during the show, but before and after as well. Boyce knows that in corporate event entertainment the show has to impress and astonish, but the personal off-the cuff moments are what transforms light entertainment into connections that are unique and memorable. As a secret weapon of event planners, magic can be used to make sure that the biggest customer or supplier feels special and taken care of. At the end of the day, its accomplishing whatever the companies goals are, and usually its all about having a great time. 

The magic Boyce has studied and dedicated himself to is perfect for cocktail hour receptions where the audience surrounds his hands and everyone can watch the magic up close or on a large event stage for a group of hundreds. 

Alexander is an extraordinary one of a kind magician and all around virtuosic person of the theater. He quite simply makes magic happen.
— Sarah Ruhl, MacArthur Genius Winning Playwright